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My Story

🦋 Welcome to Unique Designs by PG 🦋

Hello! 🌺
My name is Paulina Garza and I'm the founder/designer of Unique Designs by PG. I began creating unique handmade jewelry after my allergies started growing as I got older. My health and skin are very important to me and I knew I needed to either work on helping myself and making myself feel secure again. Who doesn't love to wear jewelry to help your outfit and yourself feel amazing? I know I do! As a child I have always loved wear A TON of bracelets... I mean arm candy to the extreme! Who doesn't remember those friendship bracelet moments?

🌠So here is a little about myself. I graduated college in 2018 where I studied biology and kept working in my daily 8-5 job. As a child I have always loved being creative whether it was doing scrapbooks, painting or making jewelry. Since I can remember I have always had eczema, which is dry skin, and I sometimes suffer from allergic reactions to different jewelry; because of this I started working on jewelry as a hobby. I started working on smaller pieces; bracelets, necklaces and earrings but I have always been so interested in different cultures that I wanted to try new ideas. I started researching on different types of jewelry making and with my background, Mexican descent, I found this style called "Bisuteria & Alambrismo". I started joining different groups and taking online classes to learn more on wire work. I fell in love with the style and how any idea can turn in a magical piece. I have since then kept working with wire and have made most of earring pieces based off on AAA non-tarnish wire.

I love to use high quality gemstones, crystals, wire, and I love color, texture, and overall making a unique piece for you. I have learned so much about the importance of having genuine gemstones to bring out the best quality. I love creating and carefully adding my touch to the unique pieces. The reason why I love this is because we are all different in our own way, we are not the same and I want to share/show that to the world by having unique pieces and designs.

Finally it was my boyfriend& family that pushed me to start a side business selling to friends, family and others. I started officially on February 2019 through Instagram and Facebook and now I have decided to take the next step and broadening my small business.

My style can go from boho&chic, to minimalist, vintage, beachy and statement pieces. I love creating custom orders because it gives me a glimpse of you and your style. You can always ask for something in particular and I will be more than happy to help you make it.

🌺Thank you for reading a little about my story. I hope you love your unique designs and pieces as much as I loved making it for you. Please follow my Etsy Boutique on Instagram and Facebook @uniquedesignsbypg for more behind the scenes!🌺

Thank you with much love,