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Size Details

How to find your PERFECT bracelet size, put a string tightly around your wrist. Lay the string out on a ruler and add 1/2'' for a snug fit or a 1" for a more comfortable fit.

EX: If your wrist measures 5 1/2" you would choose a 6" for a good snug fit or order a 6 1/2" for more movement.

Majority of my bracelets for (females) are set at 7 1/4" as it's the most popular size.

Majority of my bracelets for (men) are set at either 7 1/2" or 8" since those are the most popular size.

If you don't see your size, simply send me a message and let me know what size you need.

When adjusting your bracelet to a specific size, sometimes the pattern of the bracelet will be slightly changed.

Care instructions Bracelets

All jewelry needs special care and since I use different types of gemstones, crystals, and especially AAA wire AVOID wearing your jewelry in water; such as pool, showers, or beach.

Your jewelry will last you years with proper care! Please avoid over stretching your bracelets that will just cause the wear to not last. I use a strong stretch cord and the proper way to put your bracelet on is by simply rolling it on over your hand, DO NOT pull out far and hard as string will overstretch with time.

If your stretch bracelet needs some love and has become loose due to years of wear, I'm happy to help you! As long as you purchased your bracelet through me, I will re-string for FREE, however Shipping costs will be your responsibility.