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Small Business Must Haves

As I grow with my small business I have learned MANY tips and tricks that I would have loved to know before I even started this business. I did not have anyone helping me out or have anyone I can go to for tips.

Trust me when I say this my "rollercoaster" still have many ups and downs, and because of that if you are thinking of entering the entrepreneur world let me tell you what I wish someone told me. 

From office supplies to jewelry making tips to even packing supplies. I will be posting a blog post and my favorite amazon items here to share with you all! 

I kid you not majority of my supplies I do get them from Amazon so what better way then share you all my own personal link! I have now joined Amazon makers in getting my own personal link for you all. In this blog I will share with you all a few of my items that I believe you all need to start your business. 

First item you need to have in your shop is a scale, and this one is the one i personally have. I purchased it in 2020 and it still works! It is very light weight and thin that fits perfectly in your desk or a drawer. As well as it is stainless steel so its perfect and looks very nice. Since you will be working with weigh your packages and jewelry you do not have to invest in a big scale. This one can go up to 11 pounds which is more than enough!


Want to start off small with your product pictures, I first began with this small white folding photo studio. It is perfect for any jewelry and you have room to add props into it. It comes with LED lights integrated to make sure to give that finished look in your pictures. I take my pictures with my Samsung so the pictures come out great! I invested in this box when I was starting off since I made sure to put majority of my investment into my products.


Another item that is a must have that many people think might be the last of it is a calendar. I bought this one not only because its cute but it gives me the opportunity to write down my whole month and have it in my office. Whether I wrote pop ups events, new collection drops, and even planned my content! The best way to stay organized is having it visible to remind yourself constantly your due dates. 


Having a cute packaging that fits your logo is KEY! I make sure to invest in items that I know are at a good price, plus will make my customers feel that they are opening a gift to themselves. Who doesn't love knowing your package was wrapped with lots of love. I sure do! these are my go to bubble mailers for jewelry especially those that need extra care so that they arrive safely.


The best way to close your shipping items is with cute stickers and these I use and love, I have purchased many rolls already and it is more convenient for me than making some on my own. It saves me time and goes perfectly with my bubble mailers.


I send my packages with a special card I personally made that can give my customers whether 10-20% on their next purchase or even Free Shipping and I love scratch off lottery tickets so this gold sticker I add it on top of the prize to give my customers excitement to their prize. You do not have to do this but it helps that same customer come back and use the code to purchase once again.


Lastly, reels and videos are the perfect way to show your customers all your jewelry making ideas and show content that drives your sales. I found this awesome extendable selfie stand that I just love. I shoot majority of my reels with it and I know for a fact you all would love it too!



If you liked this type of blog post and would love more tips and tricks for you jewelry business! Let me know and I will gladly share more items with you all. I will receive a commission by any item you do purchase using my link. I look forward into seeing you grow your business! 


With Much love,